Digital TDS Water Temperature Purity Salinity ppm Pen for Hydroponic Pool Aquarium Fish Tank Water Quality

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  • 1. The item can lock monitoring data.
  • 2. The item can automatically shut down.
  • 3. The item has the unique temperature compensation function, which can automatically convert into TDS value of water under 25 degrees Celsius.
  • 4. The item has a large screen LCD waterproof design, which is easy viewing and durable.

Product Details

Product Description

Instructions for Use:
1. Win the pen loops, and open ON / OFF switch.
2. Put the pen into the test solution of the water line and gently stir to remove air bubbles.
3. Subject to the reading to stabilize (approximately 10 seconds), Press the HOLD button to remove the pen reads the values, if the pattern on the display flashes X10, readings shall be X10 adjourned.
4. When the water on the pen head is completely dry, just put the cap back to the pen.
5. Precautions: Avoid TDS pen soak into the water, avoid direct rays and heat, to avoid the impact weight and decline. Can not be higher than 80 degree water test

Temperature Test:
1. When the testing pen is open, the temperature test function can work at any time in the solution or air.
2. Press TEMP button, the display will be converted to temperature.
3. Continue pressing the temperature button and it will be converted to TDS mode.

1. Testing tap water, purified water, mineral water if meets drinking water standards formulated by nation. The tap water value should be under 300PPM.
2. The pure water value should be under 50PPM(nation standard)
3. The mineral water value should between 100~200 PPM.

Package Include:
1x TDS Digital Salinity Tester
1x PU Leather Case

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