Singing Goldfinch – Plant Pal Soil Moisture Meter (Finch Sings When Plant Is Thirsty!)

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  • Sings when your plant needs water!
  • Measures soil moisture
  • Automatic Light Sensor - Will Not Sing at Night!
  • Includes replaceable battery
  • Hand Painted Gold Finch Polyresin Body

Product Details

Product Description

The Plant Pal Goldfinch sings when your plant needs watering! A plant moisture alarm is a sophisticated electronic tool, housed inside the body of our "Plant Pal", to help you prevent over and under watering of your house plants. Just position the moisture-sensing probes into the soil. A light sensor prevents the Plant Pal from singing and waking you at night. Best of all, it is an attractive conversation piece that will enhance the beauty of your plant. Replaceable button cell battery included. Lasts for up to 1 year of monitoring.

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